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SPN Reverse Big Bang Art post: Coeur D'Ange

7. Februar 2017 (21:00)

Let's kick off this year with my first Big Bang of 2017!

I'm continuing my tradition of having too much pink in my art. I've been dying to draw more of this idea for a while now and the SPN RBB finally gave me an opportunity to make my "dream of Misha in pink" come true! ;D

I've been lucky to work with kaeos_tennyo on this fic! Since real life got in the way of creativity, this post will later be updated with more art. So for now, there are only light spoilers for the story if you scroll through the art post first!

So now! Welcome to Coeur D'Ange!

A fix-it retelling of 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait", but if Castiel found a different town, and met different people when he arrived. Featuring Castiel as a blond barista, a very supportive Trans boss, and Dean deciding to hang around a while.

Read the story here!

Coeur DAnge Cover LJ sized.png

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silly_blue [userpic]

DCBB2016 Art Masterpost

17. Oktober 2016 (22:32)

Another year another DCBB art masterpost! This year I also continued tradition to draw art for bellacatbee which is always a joy! I think my art and her writing style and choice of stories go well together :D

Read "Who is the Lamb and who is the Knife" on AO3

Summary: "In an attempt to ensure the peace between their Kingdoms holds, the respective kings of the Demon and Angel Kingdoms wed one of each other's royal household.
Prince Castiel, youngest brother of the Angel's King, is chosen for the Demon's groom. Terrified but proud, he accepts the marriage to save his people from further suffering.
Then he meets his future husband."

As always I encourage you to read the fic before checking out the art, but this time I don't really have spoilers for the story in the art! But enough talking, on with the pics!

DCBB16 Header

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silly_blue [userpic]

SPN Reverse Big Bang Art post: Sweet Tooth

17. Februar 2016 (17:13)

Here we are again, with another project!! This was my main entry to the Reverse Bang this year! It's very pink, I know and as you can guess the story written by darcydelaney is absolutely adorable from start to finish! You're in for a treat!

Sweet Tooth

Summary: Dean had just expected to tag along to Sam and Jess’ cake tasting for their wedding and get free food. That’s it. The last thing that he’d been prepared for was to meet a ridiculously attractive blue-eyed baker with messy hair and rusty people skills who he’d almost immediately start falling for, but sometimes those things just happen.
Rating: Teen and Up
Wordcount: 14k

Now, art!
Promo pic for LJ post

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SPN Reverse Bang Art Post: THE ROSARY

21. Januar 2016 (22:10)

It's time for the first project of the year!

This was my first submission to the SPN reverse bang! I'm not exactly sure what kind of story I had in mind for the art I drew, but lucky for me I didn't have to write the story, vainelricdid it for me ;D

So without further ado, I present to you:

coverdings kli.png

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DCBB 2015 Art Masterpost

28. Oktober 2015 (12:42)

Continuing the tradition, I also drew art for this year's DeanCastiel Big Bang.

I've had the chance to pick a wonderful In The Flesh crossover story by of_dreamdust, which was a joy to read and fun to illustrate!

Read "The Emptiness of his Chest" on AO3!

The art will be embedded in the story, so it might be a good idea to read it first and come back here later! ♥ There will be some spoilers (but nothing world shattering) if you browse the pics first. If you're familiar with In The Flesh you might already know what's waiting for you!

Preview for the LJ Masterpost

A warning in advance! There is no blood or gore, but we're working with "zombies". Castiel used to be dead, so some artwork contains material which might be seen as body horror (wounds stitched back up) and there are references to past suicide.

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SPN Reverse Big Bang Art post: Divine Justice (Sucks)

29. Januar 2015 (16:12)

The second challenge of the year! Another Reverse Big Bang, actually the prompt I drew first!


Divine Justice header
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SPN Reverse Big Bang Art post: Convergence

14. Januar 2015 (23:53)

First challenge of the year 2015!!

Reverse Big Bang Art for "Convergence"!

I have to apologize in advance it his is slightly messed up; the power in my and surrounding villages went out and I'm trying to do this with my laptop attached to my mobile phone so that I have internet access. Let's hope for the best! ♥

Second, slimmer Banner

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DCBB 2014 Art Masterpost

20. Oktober 2014 (20:15)

I've had the joy of illustrating Bella's DCBB "The Killing Jar" this year! ♥ She wrote a wonderful story which I urge you to read! ♥

Read The Killing Jar on AO3!

The art will also be embedded in the story, so you wouldn't be spoiled if you read it there and then come back here to look at the art again! :D

So onwards to the art!

DCBB 14 Header 1000px

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DCBB 2014 - For So Bare Is My Heart - Masterpost

15. Oktober 2014 (19:16)

Title: For So Bare Is My Heart
Author: silly_blue
Artist: burdenedbones
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural Fantasy AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 85k
Warnings: war-time violence, political marriage, mild non-consensual intimacy (touching, kissing), fictional racism (humans vs supernatural creatures), feminization (occasional use of female connoted terms such as “queen” or “wife”), non-penetrative sex, fingering, sex toys, strongly implied bottom!Cas, strongly implied top!Dean, references to the possibility of Mpreg.

Summary: In his attempt to wage a war of revenge against the demons, the young human king Dean attacks the angels, seizing their lands to build a settlement closer to the sulfurous lands. He doesn’t care about the angelic culture that his actions threaten, but when he is given a gift in the form of the vanquished king’s protégé, his understanding of angels has to be challenged.
After the short but devastating war, Castiel finds himself in the captivity of the man that is responsible for his suffering. Faced with the contradictory nature of his young husband, Castiel has to learn the way of humans in order to not only become someone that does – for the first time in his life – hold power and agency, but also find a way to return to the home from which he has been exiled as a sacrifice for peace.

cropped b

Fic link:Fic Masterlist
Art link: Art Masterlist

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DCBB 2013 - UNINVITED - Masterpost

28. Oktober 2013 (22:23)

Title: Uninvited But Deeply Craved
Author: silly_blue
Fandom/Genre: Romance, AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 74k
Warnings: Mpreg, cross-dressing, feminization, slight body alteration, some instances of academic discussion of gender/ sex, top!Dean, bottom!Cas, rated M/ NC-17 for sexual content. AU with Supernatural elements (monsters and demons exist, angels don’t)

Summary: At 35, Castiel Novak is a successful professor, firmly established both in the academic world and a sought after voice in many recent gender debates. After a failed marriage had left him distraught, he spent almost 15 years striving to get somewhere in life and there simply had never been time or an interest for romance. Not having a partner wasn’t something that ever bothered Castiel, but he can no longer shake the feeling of something lacking in his life.
Since his wish for a child was what had ultimately caused his marriage to crumble, he had spent years telling himself (and everyone that had ears to listen) that just because you have a body that allows you to have children you don’t need to make use of it.
Despite this, he decides he wants to experience pregnancy and give birth to a child. What he doesn’t want though is the hassle of a relationship. Egged on by his mischievous cousin he publishes a personal ad in a newspaper, looking for a young man to help him out.
Dean, almost 30, stumbles over the announcement right after he ran away from his last relationship and everything attached to it. He is in dire need of money to set up his own business in a new town and he decides to go with it. A couple of thousand dollars for knocking up some quirky professor seems easy enough. Of course it isn’t. Dealing with his supernatural, trouble-making clients and the ridiculous coffee shop his vampire room-mate turned the unused shop in Dean’s house into seems far easier than deciding just what he and Castiel are supposed to be.

Fic link: Read it on AO3!
Art link: Art Masterlist

Thanks so much to my wonderful artist, who created incredibly sweet art for me!!

And also thanks to my beta, Esmerod, who agreed to work with me even though the topic is not really her cup of tea! Thanks for all the comments about cheesy rom-com elements, superfluous carpets and rhododendron bushes of doom.

(Once I'm back on my own computer I'll make an extended author's notes post)

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